• Album: Bimogo

My love forever, I will never ever let you down
I will always cherish, care and love you for the rest of my life
I was visiting him one day when we were kissing; hugging
That suddenly made me pass out with vibration sensation all over my body
The feeling was heavenly
I suggest that lovers should be given chance to get married
Just like my friend lkaka who was in love with his wife lcha,
My friend lcha Lori married to her lovely husband Mr Bangoura
My friend Nafisatou married to her baby Kandioura
My friend Madame Soultan (Sere Kaba)
My friend Mariama sire Kaba
My friend Madame Sidime (Dienedian Kaba)
My friend Assita Camara (Madame Oumare)
My mother MAMA SY
A lady like a mother to me with her husband Mohamed lamine Camara

Mon amour de toujours, je ne te laisserai jamais tomber
Je te cherirai, t’aimerai et prendrai soin de toi
Pour le restant de mes jours
Un jour je lui avais rendu visite et quand nous nous sommes etreint et embrasses
J’ai failli perdre conscience tellement ii a fail vibrer mon corps
C’etait une sensation divine
Je recommande que taus ceux qui s’aiment puissent se marier
Tout comme mon ami lkata qui etait amoureux de sa femme lcha
Mon amie lcha lori qui a epouse son bon mari Mr Bangoura
Mon amie Nafisatou qui a epouse son cheri Kandioura
Et aussi
Mon amie Madame Soultan (Sere Kaba)
Mon amie Mariama sire Kaba
Mon amie Madame Sidime(Dienedian Kaba)
Mon amie Assita Camara (Madame Oumare)
Ma mere MAMA SY
Qui est comme une mere pour moi, ensemble avec son mari Mohamed lamine Camara